Terrorism: Thinking Globally, Reacting Locally

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Chris Calbert
City of Zachary (Louisiana)
Chief Administrative Officer



This presentation provides a unique perspective on “terrorism” generally and is intended to heighten the awareness levels of university officials, allied and community partners, emergency planners, and campus and mutual aid first responders alike.

The training serves to identify specific and in-depth threat concerns from domestic and international radicals and extremists, while offering insightful information on available first response training for America’s public Safety community.

The presentation specifically addresses the “explosives threat” – the favored terrorist tactic and concludes by addressing the proactive planning required to prevent, rather than to react to such an attack.


  • Terrorism Definition/Terrorism Overview Statement/Terrorist Methodology.
  • Types of Terrorism/ Tactics and threats consideration.
  • The Anatomy of an Explosive Event – Street Chemistry 101.
  • The Blast Injury Mechanism (Intangibles).
  • Protective Concepts (Time / Distance/ Shielding).
  • Planning Consideration (Preparing to Prevent Versus Preparing to Respond).


CEU Credits

New Mexico Tech will issue a NMT/DHS “Certificate of Attendance” for this conference presentation. CEU credits are also available, but must be secured by contacting the university. If interested in CEU credit, you must sign the attendee roster, which will be available in the presentation room during the session.

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