Off Label Emergency Operations Centers: 10 Easy-to-Do Hacks to Get Your EOC Ready!


Marc Burdiss
Northern Arizona University Police
Director of Emergency Management



EOC technology is everywhere is one is willing to think outside the box to find it. Marc Burdiss will share 10 EOC hacks that emergency managers can put into use with little, or no cost. These Off Label uses of technology and products will have your emergency operations center staff quickly hitting the ground, sharing information, and coordinating emergencies with low cost, over the counter items that will save thousands over the polished vendor versions you may not be able to afford.

Campus safety budgets are shrinking and the available grant resources are dwindling or non-existent at the same time threats appear to be increasing. Emergency managers and campus safety directors need to be innovative in finding solutions, adopting technology, and being prepared for all hazards.

Mr. Burdiss has spent his more than 15 years in emergency management gathering ideas, trying new hacks, and sharing what he has learned; especially when it is cheap and easy. This presentation will share 10 of the easy to implement hacks to that participants can take home and implement with a minimal amount of money and time.

The main objectives of the presentation are:

  1. Share what low cost, over the counter technology can support EOC operations.
  2. Describe free or low cost alternatives to more expensive vendor products.
  3. Identify ways that generic consumer technologies can be used to add redundancy and resilience to existing or new EOCs.


  • Attendees will learn what new technology can assist them in operating an emergency operations center.
  • Attendees will learn how to leverage free online collaborative and streaming technology to gather and share information in an emergency.
  • Attendees will learn how open source online collaborative tools can assist with public information operations in an emergency.

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