Trading Places – Transitioning from Municipal to University Policing

Chief Moore Captain MillerCeaser  Moore (left)
University of Houston   
Assistant Vice Chancellor System Police Operations UH System / Chief of Police UH

Russell  Miller (right)
University of Houston   
Captain of Police


Many persons in municipal law enforcement, choose to transition to university policing at various points of their career. It may be widely believed that policing is policing and thus the transition will be relatively easy. Those considering such a change should be prepared for a monumental shift in the way police business is conducted. University policing has nuances that must be learned in order to be truly successful.

Personal experiences will be shared that highlight common areas of conflict and opportunity:

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Clery Training and Compliance
  • Departmental History
  • Funding – Sources and Acquisition
  • Culture
  • Decision Making

By sharing personal experiences and providing useful, practical takeaways, those attending the session will be better prepared when assuming a leadership role within a university police agency.


  • How to assess Clery compliance and training needs.
  • How to frame decision making.
  • How to conduct and environmental assessment.



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