Consolidating Police Services at Three Higher-Education Campuses into One Unified Force

Adam GarciaTodd RenwickJ. Kyle Dalpe






Adam Garcia (left)
The University of Nevada, Reno – University Police Services          
Assistant Vice President & Director

Todd Renwick (middle)
The University of Nevada, Reno – University Police Services
Assistant Chief

J. Kyle Dalpe (right)
Truckee Meadows Community College
Interim Dean, Technical Sciences & Governmental Relations Liaison


A consolidation of Police Services, combining law enforcement of the University of Nevada, Reno, Truckee Meadows Community College, and the Desert Research Institute (all in Reno, Nevada) had been discussed for years, and at the direction of the Nevada System of Higher Education, the process began in early 2016. Ultimately, the consolidation was to decommission the Community College Police Department and provide police services by the University of Nevada, Reno Police Services.

The process and its development came at a time when the campus climate on this topic was the most heated as campus violence continued to make headlines across the country and significant and heated opposition to the proposal existed by the community college and its police department.

While keeping safety a priority, the team tasked with the project were able to work through the apprehension of the college community; ensuring stakeholders were part of the process and comfortable with the changes that were to be made. The team led negotiations, vetted and completed the plan through a strong and transparent communication process, problem solving, and bringing together campus stakeholders and university partners.

Despite the opposition, the newly consolidated department was approved by the Board and became a reality July 1, 2016. Now known as University Police Services, the department provides police services to approximately 40,000 students, faculty and staff at three very different and distinct institutions.  Over the course of the last year, Police Services has successfully integrated itself within the campus community through a variety of methods. Members of the department have built trust that came because of working together on a daily basis, and fostered cooperation and interaction.

While maintenance of safety was the overriding philosophy as the team worked on consolidation, the result was a savings to the Nevada System of Higher Education of $641,225.85 in FY 17 with an annual savings of $432,000 thereafter; an expanded 24/7 law enforcement coverage to all of the campuses; greater range of skills due to the expanded size of the department; standardized policies and procedures and significant organizational efficiencies by merging, among other processes, evidence, records management and clerical support and overall pooling of resources.


  • Collaborative and shared governance, resources and expertise
  • Creative cost savings, organizational efficiency
  • Campus climate as it relates to change
  • Campus messaging, inclusion and transparency

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