Advanced Campus Protection Strategies & Data Driven Outcomes


William Adcox
University of Texas Police at Houston     
Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer




Ray Gerwitz
University of Texas Police at Houston     
Director Risk Strategy and Operational Excellence



Modern campus policing and security requires an agile and adaptive model to extend prevention opportunities and promote and organizational commitment to safety and wellness. At The University of Texas Police at Houston (UT Police at Houston) we have a proven ability to nurture a campus-wide ecosystem of prevention, protection, and preparedness using our innovative Combined Protection Model of service delivery.

All elements in our Combined Protection Model support traditional policing and security functions. However, they have been elevated to provide greater depth and increased value to the protection strategies implemented on behalf of our campus community. Notably, we have tailored these services so that, in part, the entire team is engaged in extending prevention opportunities and improving response to critical incidents. This approach is complemented by engaging our campus partners in training and awareness efforts to promote an ecosystem approach to safety throughout our campus.

As a whole, the Combined Protection Model is a thoughtful and unified approach that creates a spirit of engagement and execution while promoting strategic, financial, and performance synergies that have ultimately resulted in elevated performance and improved outcomes for The UT Police at Houston. Throughout our presentation we will integrate how the outcomes focused data is visualized and utilized by departmental leaders to impact safety and adapt our service inventory to meet changes in our campus risk profile.

We will discuss case studies describing how these partnerships have successfully resolved major crisis events at our campus, and how we are moving away from a response based prosecution model into an organizational health and wellness focused organization.


  • Learn how our department’s Combined Protection Model is extends prevention opportunities and enhances critical incident response.
  • Understand how team skill sets and departmental programs are recalibrated to remain aligned with an ever-changing risk portfolios.
  • Learn how visualization tools are leveraged to enable staff at all levels to improve protection strategy outcomes and better understand safety and our services inventory.


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