Meeting the Students in their World – A proactive and successful approach to direct and engaging discussion on safety, security, and sexual violence matters

Mike Raters (left)
Wabash College
Dean of Students

Rich Woods
Wabash College
Director of Safety and Security


This session will feature Wabash College’s direct approach to educating students on matters of safety, security, and sexual violence. Dean of Students, Mike Raters, and Director of Safety and Security, Rich Woods, will share their annual practice of meeting with all students, in their residences and fraternities, to articulate definitions, scenarios, legal standards, and expectations of positive behavior in social settings.

At the beginning of each academic year, the two speakers (along with Associate Dean Marc Welch) visit each living unit at times arranged with the Resident Assistants and Fraternity Officers, for an hour-long discussion (twenty minutes for each speaker). In their fifth year, this annual tradition is now expected, even welcomed, by the students. The intent is to be able to be specific and direct with the students, providing not only important legal and safety information, but also clear and valuable advice for them to stay out of harm’s way.


  • Keys to a strong relationship/partnership between the Dean’s Office and Safety and Security Office, leading to strong and impactful education of our students.
  • A simple approach, one that is adaptable to any college or university setting, to engaging students on critical matters in their lives.
  • Tips, advice, and practice in encouraging, and then handling, the difficult questions and “what-if” scenarios students need to proactively consider.

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