ODP: The Single Most Important Statistic for Your Organization’s Performance

Stan Skipworth


Stan Skipworth
The Claremont Colleges
Assistant Vice President



In recent years, I’ve learned there is a metric that can help me know just how effective our organization is performing, and that single most-important statistic in law enforcement is “ODP”: The on-duty percentage. On duty percentage formula:

[Sick Leave+Tardies+Disciplinary Time Off+Injury On-Duty Time Off]/2,080 (A full time employee’s annual hours worked).

The ODP is calculated by determining the attendance rate of unplanned absences over the course of a year. That’s sick time (SL), injured-on-duty time (IODt), Tardies/late (Ta) and disciplinary time off (DiT). A tardy is valued at 0.25 of an hour, and the rest of the categories are hour-for-hour. The closer the employee’s percentage to 100% based on a work year of 2,080 scheduled hours, the more likely that:

  • Dispatchers with higher ODP’s ensure timely handling of calls
  • Calls will be responded to faster
  • Officers on duty will handle calls more effectively
  • Suspects will be caught more frequently
  • And fewer crimes will be attempted

Training and vacation time do not negatively affect ODP because they are planned. But unplanned absences do in fact take a toll in the form of personnel shortages in the field or in dispatch, which increase response times, reduce available patrol time, and make the location and apprehension of suspected criminals much more difficult.

The PEI and ODP metrics aren’t necessarily new data, but they are sets of information that aren’t often associated with key aspects of the organizations we help lead. I encourage all of my colleagues and peers to continue to seek new and informative optics that can help provide an illustrative assessment of your own great teams and make equally-informed choices for the future service needs of your campus communities.



  • The highly fragile nature of staffing with limited personnel resources.
  • The very direct nexus between unplanned personnel absences and agency effectiveness.
  • Ways in which unplanned absences can be effectively mitigated.


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