Coming Back Stronger: Managing in the Aftermath of Demonstrations and Declining Enrollment

Sandra Kaiser (left)
The Evergreen State College

Vice President of College Relations

Bill Mikesell
The Evergreen State College
Emergency Response Planning Coordinator


In 2017, the Evergreen State College experienced a series of on-campus disruptions and threats that impacted the mission of the college and its brand. The disruptions resulted in national media coverage and declining enrollment.

In 2019, Evergreen, a small liberal arts and sciences college in Washington state, has strengthened community understanding about civil engagement, improved training for its police officers and ensured that First Amendment protections are extended to all.

Planning and preparing for campus disruptions are important processes, but actual real-life experience and the lessons learned are essential.

This presentation will cover the preparation, planning, training, response, communications, and improvement efforts that are needed to manage these events.

The speakers will present practical information and tools to help others in higher education succeed in times of campus disruption. Strategies to deal with public information, marketing and recovery will be available to attendees.



  • Lessons learned from real-world experience
  • Emergency preparedness tools to assist your campus leadership regarding campus disruptions
  • Strategies to assist with public information, marketing, and the recovery process


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