The Assessment and Prevention of Targeted Violence in Schools and Universities


Sheila Self
Northeastern State University
Student Affairs Assistant Vice President



This session will examine targeted violence in the university setting and will provide tools for assessment and intervention.  The session will benefit both clinical and non-clinical staff, administrators, and BIT/CARE teams.

Additionally, the role suicide plays in murder-suicide events, signs to look for, and strategies for addressing suicidal and homicidal intent will be presented.

Intervention options, treatment recommendations, and suggestions for strong partnerships with campus counseling services will also be provided.

BIT Tips and Take-Aways will be presented to assist participants in creating and maintaining strong, productive campus teams.  And, time permitting, a sociological perspective of environments and cultures that may increase the potential for violence will be discussed.


  •  Attendees will learn tips for strengthening BIT/CARE teams, how suicide prevention is murder/suicide prevention, and what tools may help teams with assessment and intervention work.
  • Attendees will gain a basic understanding of how to assess and intervene when a student poses a threat to self and others, how to build strong campus intervention teams, and how to access tools and resources needed for successful BIT work.


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