Lessons Learned: A Centralized Reporting System at a Community College

marty heator


Marty Heator
Schoolcraft College
Dean of Students



Schoolcraft College is a community college located in a far western suburb of Detroit, Michigan. The college serves approximately 16,000 credit students and another 20,000 continuing education students.

The College has made a commitment to safety as evidenced by a state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center, a robust campus police force, and various new mechanisms for locking down buildings or classrooms.

One of our most powerful prevention tools is a centralized reporting system. We have had our system in place for several years now, and the data it provides has proven to be helpful in a variety of ways. Perhaps the strongest feature of this system is that it is user-friendly and easily accessible.

This session will discuss what we have learned in implementing this kind of system and pitfalls to avoid should others choose a similar path.



  • Benefits of centralizing reporting
  • How to encourage a culture of reporting
  • Pitfalls to avoid


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