Command and Control: Technology to Enhance Operations

ron davidsonRoger Stearnsjason goodrich

Ron Davidson (left to right)
Texas A&M San Antonio
Chief of Police

Roger Stearns
Texas A&M San Antonio
Assistant Chief of Police

Jason Goodrich


Texas A&M San Antonio is the first campus in the world to provide indoor positioning to its entire campus footprint. As technology becomes more and more prevalent in law enforcement, actual experiences campuses have in utilizing available systems becomes increasingly valuable.

The presenters will provide a case study of Texas A&M San Antonio’s use of “command and control” technology to enhance the organization’s operational capabilities.

The presentation will include examples of Texas A&M San Antonio’s implementation process, a power point on “command and control” technology, an audience discussion on barriers to implementation and strategies to over them, and a “live view” of Texas A&M San Antonio’s system with a question and answer of how the technology works for the agency.


  1. Understand “command and control” technology and how it utilizes the concepts of geofencing, cellular technology, blue tooth beacons for indoor positioning, and providing information to the field that traditionally comes from dispatch
  2. Discuss “command and control” technology implementation barriers and strategies to overcome them including the idea of “big brother”
  3. Provide specific examples of “command and control” technology in use at Texas A&M San Antonio from day to day activities, drill design and implementation, and communication capabilities with those traveling abroad


  • Participants will increase their understanding of “command and control” technology and the capabilities the technology can provide
  • Participants will develop concrete strategies to take back to their agencies regarding the
    implementation of “command and control” technology
  • Participants will identify specific areas where “command and control” technology can be utilized in their department that provide an immediate impact on operations


Presentation file (PDF)

Texas A&M – Utilizing Command and Control Technology to Enhance Operations (Slides as PDF)



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