Integrated Approach to Improving Nevada Football Fan Behavior

Todd Renwick

eric james






Todd Renwick (left)
University of Nevada, Reno
Interim Chief of Police

Eric James
University of Nevada, Reno

Most college and university campuses deal with alcohol issues on a regular basis, especially at large-scale events – that’s nothing new. But Nevada is an especially alcohol-rich environment where gaming and adult entertainment fuel an attitude of “anything goes,” and provide alcohol access 24 hours a day through entertainment and retail establishments state-wide.

Students, parents and citizens in Washoe County sometimes downplay the seriousness of alcohol use by college aged youth, failing to understand the consequences and costs associated with this pervasive problem.

University of Nevada, Reno Police Services, has worked hard to educate the community and manage alcohol problems at large events. This approach has resulted in increased student retention and success, financial savings in security costs at events and decreased tension between the university community and residents in the surrounding neighborhoods.



  • Alternative approach to educating student community on dangers of alcohol use.
  • Specialized environmental strategies to decrease alcohol use.
  • Integrated management approach to increase enforcement.


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