Collaborative Management of Back-to-Back Crises on Campus

Raymund Aguirre
Cal State Fullerton
Chief of Police

Scot Willey
Cal State Fullerton
Administrative Captain

Marissa Garza
Cal State Fullerton
University Police Media Relations

Susan Fisher
Cal State Fullerton
Emergency Management Coordinator


On Aug 19, 2019, the Cal State Fullerton campus experienced a homicide. On Sept 10, an alleged rape was reported to University Police.

A thorough examination of the circumstances of both events will be discussed as well as how police and university officials strategized to meet the needs of the community. Partnerships with local law enforcement, Clery requirements, ensuring the continued safety of the campus while managing these events, crisis communication and the power of social media, will be discussed.

  • The importance of collaboration within the campus community and external agencies.
  • Value media relations and use them to your advantage.
  • Maintaining constant coordination with lead investigating agency is critical.