Use of Force Encounters on Campus: Investment in Training is the Key

Cesar Gracia


Cesar Gracia
Lincoln Memorial University
Dean of Campus Safety Operations



This block of instruction is intended to train the participants on the importance of properly training their officers on the latest use of force laws. Interactive discussions will be conducted on the latest use of force training trends and benefits to include the most recent Supreme Court decisions regarding police use of force cases. Intermediate weapons and their proper legal deployment will be discussed based on recommendations from recent court decisions.

This is a class participant interactive training module, designed to encourage discussion on the most recent use of force trends and how to avoid lawsuits.



  • Most recent Supreme Court Decisions on Use of Force cases.
  • Graham v. Connor, Scott v. Henrich, McLenegan v. Karnes will be discussed in detail.
  • Qualified Immunity and other topics that will assist campus police departments in defending their designated use of force options.


Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides as PDF – Lincoln Memorial University