Integrating Safety and Security Initiatives into a Security Master Plan


Terrance DeGray


Terrance DeGray
San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Associate Vice Chancellor, Physical Plant Development and Operations



Tom Morales


Thomas Morales
San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Chief of Police



The safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is a top priority. In our effort to position our district strategically, Chief Thomas Morales and Terrance DeGray, Associate Vice Chancellor of Physical Plant Development will share efforts of SJECCD leading to the implementation of a Security Master Plan and all projects related to safety and security across a multi-college district.

Tom and Terrance will also share how the Facilities Master Plans and future construction projects will provide core infrastructure and solutions in the areas of: door locks & keys; electronic access control; public safety video; communication towers; evacuation signage; intrusion alarms; fire alarms; emergency operations; mass notification; identify management & credentialing; and parking lot access and parking enforcement.

In order to maximize impact and investment, Chief Morales will walk you through the approach followed to implement safety and security projects, incorporating procedures, updating of standards & practices and the use of state of the art technologies.



  • Security master plans.
  • Centralized leadership for safety and security initiatives.
  • The role of police services in leading construction and implementation projects.