Department of the Year Award

Nominations Closed for 2017

UCSB Police wins Department of the Year AwardNominations for the 2018 Department of the Year Award will open in the summer of 2018.

The award is open to any administrative department from a U.S. college or university that has improved campus safety. Nominations can be for any initiative, program or event.


Department of the Year nomination criteria

  • Nominations must be for an administrative department at a U.S. college or university (Public Safety, Office of Student Wellness, Campus Life, Public Relations, IT, etc).
  • Joint- or multi-department nominations are allowed. For example, if Campus Police, Student Life and the Office of Communications created a new campus-safety orientation program, the departments can be nominated jointly.
  • Nominations can be made by anyone. Students, parents, community members, government officials and law-enforcement officers are welcome to nominate an administrative department. One nomination per department only, please.
  • Winner will be selected by the Advisory Board, a panel of senior-level university administrators from around the nation from the list of five finalists.


Top 25 list

Nominated departments are automatically eligible to be considered for the Top 25 list. The Top 25 list recognizes university departments that have excelled in making their campus safer. The list is compiled annually in September.


The TOP 3 departments will receive

Award trophy

As ranked by the Advisory Board, the first-ranked department is the Department of the Year Award winner.

The second- and third-ranked departments are Department of the Year Award finalists. These top three departments will receive the following.

  • One complimentary three-day conference pass. If more than one department wins (tie or joint-nomination winner), than one complimentary conference pass will be issued to each winning department. If you have already registered for the Summit and are eligible for a complimentary registration, your registration payment will be reimbursed.
  • A departmental award trophy.
  • An award ceremony during the conference.
  • A national press release featuring your university’s dedication to campus safety.
  • A featured article about your department on the Safe Campus website.


Nominee examples include

  • Alcohol-abuse reduction programs
  • Sexual-assault reporting process improvements
  • Mass emergency-notification system implementation
  • Crime reduction
  • Greek Life safety initiatives
  • Social-media
  • Joint initiatives with Student or Faculty Senate
  • Participation in local, state or federal initiatives
  • Community and neighborhood programs
  • Response to specific crime or emergency incidents
  • Many more….


How to nominate a department

Write a three-to-five paragraph reason for the nomination and submit the information below. Please limit submission to one per department.


Nomination tips

1. Be specific! Tell us exactly what actions or initiatives the department has taken to improve campus safety. How is the initiative unique? How has it made a difference?

2. Statistics help. Has your department reduced crime, assault, etc.? Adding data supports your nomination.

3. Departments only. Be sure your nomination is for a department and not an individual.



 Nominations for 2017 are closed. Nominations for 2018 will open in the summer of 2018.